The Bishops Birthday Banquet

Rabid Punk Guitars (R.P.G) at the Corinna hotel

I was invited to take photos at a friends punk gig. His band the Rabid Punk Guitars were playing at a local hotel. As I got my ticket for free I was more than happy to offer my services. So After doing an early shift after a sleepover, helping mum fit her open windowed car with a spare on the back wheel in to a garage about the same size as it, having an impromptu visit from father which included a light dinner followed by  a walk along the riverside and an inspiring conversation about my fabulous grandfather, having a few glasses of rose wine with strawberries at a friends place, I finally found myself at the rather shabby and very hot hotel function room and only a little tipsy.

R.P.G are a group of middle aged punk rockers and are absolutely fabulous. They write a lot of their own songs and do it very well. Although the lighting was awful I plonked myself down at the front and did my thing. I used my remote flash and got some great shadows. A few times I also put the flash onto rear, which means it goes off at the end of the shot when the shutter shuts, and turned down the shutter speed so I got some good movement shots in a very punk style. My friends were also very helpful holding different lenses and pointing the flash gun on command. Thanks folks. All in all a great night and I hope to get to the next gig they have.

2 of the R.P.G guitars

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