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Perth firework show back in 2005
Perth firework show back in 2005

The 5th of November is approaching fast, and even though we still have hallowe’en to get past, it’s a date that I always look forward to. That hasn’t always been the case – it was only when I discovered my love of photography that the date became important to me.

Fireworks are a fantastic subject to shoot thanks to the their array of colours, effects and sizes but most importantly a spectular result is not a difficult thing to achieve. As long as you are in posession of a sturdy tripod and a camera that allows manual exposures (or even up to 30 seconds exposures) then you are in business. I would recommend that you use a shutter release cable to trigger your shots in order to stop camera shake when you press the button,however using the self timer on the camera will also work, but will limit your timing for the big explosions.

I tend to shoot in manual mode and arrive at my chosen location early in order to set up shop and take a few test images to check exposure times and aperture setting – always bearing in mind that the sky is about to get a whole lot brighter!

This year it looks like there will be four or five of us heading down to shoot together so keep an eye out for us on the bridge or somewhere close by.

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