R.P.G. Rehearsals

Rehearsal studio on Shore Road Perth

R.P.G. at the rehearsal studio

Last weekend I took photos for a local punk band R.P.G and I’m pleased to say they were happy with the outcome. I agreed to meet up with them at their rehearsal studio in Perth to give them a hard version of the shots and also to take some album and rehearsal shots. That is how on Saturday evening after spending the day climbing cliffs and getting stung by nettles I ended up at a very dubious looking building in the red light district of Perth (not that I saw anyone selling their bodies). This group seem to thrive on dodgy looking places. This one looks like something out of a hard American urban movie or a post apocalyptic one. However the band are nothing to fear and greeted me with smiles and compliments (a good way to keep the photographer happy).  I listened to the rehearsal for a while before getting the camera out. Their music was still fabulous and real toe tapping, jump around singing stuff (though must admit I didn’t jump around and sing, not really enough space). After half an hour or so they took a break to rest our ears and their hands and voices. I took advantage of the opportunity to get some shots of them all together in their urban surrounding. The sun was still up but the light was pretty bleak, but that suited the aura of the place. My 1st problem was getting Bod to look at the camera, he looks everywhere but, the 2nd was getting them to put down beer and ciggies, which must admit gave up on, adds to their persona as a band. I had Smiler (their number one fan) hold the flash for me to try and get some more interesting light on them, thanks Smiler job well done. We used what was around us to set the mood so thanks whoevers van that was! They did want the prison in the background as this ties in with one of their songs but I just couldn’t get the definition on it with the sucky light, sorry guys maybe next time though. Once I was happy with what I had I let them get back to work and returned back inside with them to get some shots of them in action again.

The lighting was pretty drab but using the remote flash, Smiler, various tables and amps I got some cracking shots. I kept the camera on manual with the shutter speed at about 80th of a second, the aperture about F5 and iso 1600. This allowed the camera to deal with any movement and also with the flash and the drab light. However in processing at home I did have to remove some noise in some shots using noise ninja in photoshop, sometimes the pixel noise adds to the effect but sometimes sadly not!.  I captured their creative juices flowing in a rather compact space, thanks to the fabulous wide lens (best thing I ever got). Stan had written 3 new songs, though they worked mostly on one, the lyrics I believe are done by the singer Sandy. I am always impressed that people can write music, just something way out of my comfort zone, can’t even play a musical instrument and really struggle to read music. So writing 3 songs in a week or so is amazing in my books and such great tunes too. Keep up the good work. I gave up my photo spree when my flash started to struggle thanks to the batteries running out (that flash just eats through batteries like nothing on Earth). I stayed to watch the discussion, which involved a lot of hand gestures and raised voices, about the drums part in the new song. I am told this is just how they do it and it’s all in good humour. It def seems to work anyway so carry on boys. I left them to it at about 2300 and they were still in full flow. Guess  that’s why the rehearsal studio is outside of town. Their next gig is on 19th June at the Corinna hotel so they don’t have long to get those songs down to a T. Of course I will be there capturing it all on film, well memory card, for them.

The wonders of a wide angled lens!

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