Perth’s Bonfire, Fireworks and Funfair 2010

Fireworks over the River Tay
Fireworks over the River Tay

Another November the 5th has been and gone. We remember, remember it well!

As the hordes will already know, it wasn’t a particularly dry evening (thanks BBC, for the nonsense weather forecast you showed me yesterday) so we had extra baggage in the form of a large golfing umbrella.

After scouting around the banks of the Tay looking for a different place to shoot from, we ended up back on the same bridge we go to every year due to the amount of foliage still on the trees and blocking any views we hoped to get.

Funfair rides at the South Inch, Perth
Funfair rides at the South Inch, Perth

I was shooting in manual mode using the shutter release cable and a lot of guesswork. My black glove was a great stand-in for the piece of black card I had forgotten to take with me (used to block light from the sensor in between overly bright fireworks to stop overexposure). I settled on an F-stop of 8 and shutter speeds of what I believe to be around 20 seconds, taking into account how many times I was covering the lens.

After the display we shouldered our tripods and headed over to the funfair to shoot the large rides that were lighting the sky in their own little way.

Part of the short but sweet display

It was dark and it was cold and wow it had been very wet, but hey lets go out and stand in the cold dark wet and take photos!! Thankfully the rain held off for a while though and we managed to get a good place to shoot the short but sweet firework display, the same place we always end up at along with everyone else, but of course with my wide lens I couldn’t actually make out the fireworks from the other bridge, they would of been just a blip on the horizon! I went for F8 ish and shutter speeds between 15 and 25 secs and used my lens cap as a block between fireworks to stop the shot blowing out.

After the display we trudged through the crowds coming the other way and went to the fairground they had set up on the Inch, which is a new trick for Perth on Bonfire night. Between the people and the occasional drunk teenager getting in the way I managed to get some fab shots of one of the rides. Again a slow shutter was used to get the effect of the lights moving as the ride swung. Turned out really quite well. So it may have been cold and and a little wet but actually turned out to be a good shoot and we even had a novice with us with a manual camera which added to the fun.

Fairground Ride Taken with a Slow Shutter

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