Perth Highland Games

sarahsmallPK agreed to do the photography for the Perth Highland games, held on the North Inch in the pouring rain and biting wind. In a classic Scottish Irony the weather had been lovely up to the week of the games and, though there had been rain in that week, the day before (when the Kilt run took place) had been sunny with only light showers. But for the games it was grey and drizzle with the occasional downpour. Everyone did kept calm and carried on and the field and track competitors did very well considering the ground was somewhat boggy, after all the Inch is a flood plane!!  The Highland dancers were a tad luckier with their stage mostly under cover! Through it all and with sacrificing my hood to cover my camera and doing a bit of brolly hopping, we managed to get some shots.

Highland Dancers


Distracted by Flowers!!

Doewn the tug line

Over the Bar

Ball Throw

Laughter in the Rain



Solo Piper

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