Norie Miller Night Light Event in Perth

Tonight is the finale of Perth City Centre’s Light Night event and PK had a blast covering it for the last 2 weeks!

It’s been great to see the transformation of the area with each change of theme that’s taken place and 21cc┬áhave done an amazing job of creating this winter wonderland.

Dorothy and friends from the “Yellow Brick Road” theme.


Verity Power Entertainments were on site most nights with many fire acts.


Sparks flying at the entrance to the event.


The caped crusader with the replica Batmobile that Adam West used in the original TV series on show during the “Superhero” theme.


I even managed to get a picture with Batman!


The streets were packed for the Chinese New Year Celebrations.


I had a lot of people asking me at the event what settings I was using. It’s not an easy shoot, despite all the lights.

My Nikon D750 was set to the following for most of the time:

  • ISO: 2500
  • Shutter speed: 1/80th
  • Aperture: f1.4 (Sigma 35mm art lens) or f1.8 (Nikkor 85mm)

These would sometimes change for subjects such as the fire artists (as they provide much more light, so the aperture would be moved to f5.6 or similar), or when we used off-camera flash to shoot the actors etc.

For the full galleries be sure to check out our clients Facebook page.

Did YOU visit the event? Want any advice on photographing similar things? Let us know below!

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