Lindores Loch, Fifeland

Lindores Loch : 10th November 2010 : 1345

Lindores HDR
Lindores HDR. The boat was rocking during the shots.

A last minute decision at lunchtime found me heading towards Fiferland in the car with my mate Mike who just bought himself a Nikon D5000.

For a change we had completely blue skies but a very harsh sunlight coming from the east. The shadows it was casting were spot on and I knew we were going to have a good session. Mike is just learning but he is keen and I know will pick things up quickly and easily.

The ND filter made its way out of my bag for the first time in ages in order to blur the rippling water that was gently rocking the rowing boats from side to side. I combined it with the polarising filter (which badly needs glued back together – don’t ask!) to reduce the shutter speeds even further to just five seconds in broad daylight.

Once the sun had disappeared behind the hill we were left standing in the freezing cold and called it quits, but not after Mike spotted some floating orange leaves making their way around the boats – perfect for a 15 second exposure!

swirling leaves
The leaves slowly making their way around the jetty.

Big thanks to Mike for dragging me out into the bitter Scottish winter and getting some cool shots of a very awesome location.

I’d also like to thank a very nice gentleman we met and were speaking to for some time about the ins and outs of spending everything you have on a Leica camera…

Larry211’s photostream – check it out! Some very cool stuff on there.

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