Knockhill Motorcycle Racing 02.05.2010

Finally got a bit of dry weather and it came at the right time. I’ve had this trip to Knockhill planned for ages and I was really hoping for dry weather – and I got it!

As I produced the website for the Fatspanner Racing Team it seems natural to want to take some photos of them in action. Not the first time this has happened but certainly the first time on an official capacity. I even got a chance to meet one of their other sponsors who has the biggest goddamn lens I have ever seen! A 400mm Canon monstrosity that he even had the cheek to put a multiplier on to make it even longer…

The PK sponsor sticker on the bikes
Big thanks to the team for displaying our logo on their machines - aint that awesome??

The trip to Knockers was pretty uneventful but I was seriously regretting the choice to wear my summer biking gloves. Maybe a bit premature for those methinks. The air was very cold and I was glad to get off the motorway and down to slower speeds for a change. I had my mate MadMike on the back (he’d binned his bike a few weeks back so I offered him a lift) and for the 2nd time the bike has proved it’s worth.

Upon arrival at the track we discovered that one of the team bikes had decided it didn’t want to race, so Colin wasn’t going to be racing in the 600 class today. A real shame but he said it would make the day a lot more relaxing for him.

The racing was really good between certain riders and the weather stayed overcast and a bit chilly, but mostly dry – a real result for that area!

Must say a big thanks to the team for letting us dump our skid lids in their caravan and for placing the PK logo on their bikes. Oh and for my free entry ticket.

Crash at the hairpin
Slow speed accident at the hairpin

More action from the race on my FLICKR PAGE.

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Yo Ian, was nice talkin’ with ya at the racing on sunday, what a great job you have done of the teams website, and this blog site, keep up the good work, if i can assist with anything, let me know, I think i was that guy with the lens you mention………..LOL



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