Kingsbarns Fife

Location: Fife | Time: Afternoon

Sarah: The sky was grey and the wind was howling so what better a thing to do than go to the east coast!! Maybe not the brightest of our ideas but you never know till you try. I knew of a lovely beach just past St Andrews so we took some very wet country roads and arrived at a very wet beach. But we are nothing but brave so headed to the old harbour and while me and Katie drew in the wet sand Ian went to do his photo thing.

Very wet and windy day and an angry North Sea
Very wet and windy day and an angry North Sea

Then it was my shot and being brave I headed straight to the large waves at the pinacle of the harbour. Only manged to get a few shots before I realised that the sea was getting closer and closer and as I grew up at the seaside I knew form experience that this was not good and it was time for retreat. Mere minutes after I returned to the safety of the sodden beach I turned to see waves crashing over the rocks I’d been standing on. But at least I had got one decent shot!

Ian: It was absolutely tipping it down and for some reason we still decided to go out. The forecast said the East Coast was going to be dry until 3pm. It Lied!

The gear was already soaked by the time we walked the 50 yards to the beach but we managed to get a few shots off before being swept away by the massive waves coming at us.

looking just over the ruins of the old harbour
Looking just over the ruins of the old harbour

We plan to return to the area when we have less chance of catching bird/swine flu and hopefully by then I may have an ND filter to decrease my shutter speeds.


Places to eat: Close to St. Andrew and Anstruther where there is plenty to scoff
Kid-friendly?: High rocks and a lot of seaweed. They will need watched constantly
The Good: Fantastic scenery and a good coastal walking area
The Bad: Completely weather dependant as we found out…

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