Ghosts in the Twa’ Tams

ghosts in the arcade at the twa tams
Scott rockin out with the acoustic

A week ago I went to the Twa Tams in Perth to see my friends play a gig with their band Ghosts in the Arcade. I took my usual array of camera gear which includes my off-camera flash setup (a cheapo thing I got from Hong Kong). Today was the day for this contraption to start playing up big style and I ended up reverting back to standard flash and even look out the old manual focus 50mm f1.8 lens.

Wardy from Ghosts in the Arcade
Wardy with his new bass

Anyone that has played or shot at the Tams will know how…inadequate… the lighting rig is. Some kind of L.E.D. nonsense that pretends to change colour is not my idea of a good setup! However I believe in making the most of a situation and you can see the results for yourself.

Working in low light with a manual focus lens is a good challenge – having to work at iso6400 just isn’t funny. The noise levels are horrendous although I discovered that it is better to shoot at a higher iso level and get the better light to the sensor than it is to lower the iso and starve the camera of it. The noise is much more tolerable with this method.

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