Bracklinn Falls, The Trossachs

Location: Callander | Time: 12:00

The Trossachs are home to many fantastic areas and today we decided to re-visit the Bracklinn Falls in the pouring rain…

Ian: When I got up this morning it was overcast but not actually raining. Oh how THAT was going to change. By the time I had got the wee one ready and all the gear into the car, the heavens had opened. However I had already made the decision to go out and that’s exactly what we did.

The last time we visited Bracklinn Falls we struggled to get any shots due to the shed-load of midgies that all wanted a piece of us. This time of course there would be no small hoards of annoying small things. What we DID find was an absolute raging torrent that was a stark contrast to the peacefull falls we had visited in summer.

The Bracklinn FallsThe amount of water trying to get down the falls was staggering!

The paths that lead to the falls were all flooded with puddles and this really should have tipped us off to how much water was coming off the hills. You couldn’t hear yourself think over the noise from the falls!

Despite all the rain and the complete soaking we took, the trip was well worth it and i’m pleased with my results.

Sarah: ok so it was a horrid day but that never stopped me before, got to take advantage of any day off work! So we thought waterfall as don’t need a lot of light for that… So off we headed into the pouring rain to have lunch in the car and go up a wet muddy hillside with a child and lots of camera stuff. Fortunately my jacket is very waterproof and i had a cap for the camera, though don’t think Ian did so well with staying dry! The falls which we had visited in summer were amazing and raging, nothing like the docile falls we’d seen a few months ago and we couldn’t even see where we stood last time let alone stand there. All in all the shots worked really quite well though everything was soaking in the end and my hands purple thanks to the dye from the bag.

The rapid but lovely bracklinn falls


Places to eat: Plenty of places in the town of Callander for all types of dining
Kid-friendly?: If you keep a close eye on them and make sure they don’t go near the cliff edges, YES!
The Bad: In summer it’s a midgie haven, in winter it rains a lot!
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